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JC is the Global Ambassador and Pioneer of the Angelize Yourself movement.

He is also the Founder of Angeldom Academy and Infinite Intelligence Real.

In 1994, he retired after a successful career as a banker and financial analyst.

Two years later, on June 25, 1996, he was killed by a chainsaw.

During his afterlife experience he was revealed the timeless mechanics of Infinite Intelligence and its Superpowers of Consciousness that the mind of God is.

He was sent back from the dead to reveal the profundities and depths of the mind of God’s Superpowers of Consciousness and Infinite Intelligence so everyone can become them in their life.

From 1996-2019, he completed his twenty-three-year Angelization internship to prepare him so Angeldom Academy could unleash the Superpowers of Consciousness to mankind.

He has written fourteen books about his afterlife revelations and is today’s foremost authority on Angelization.

Angeldom Academy Mission Statement

Angeldom Academy’s mission and purpose is to “Activate the Infinite Intelligence Superpowers of Consciousness into all of mankind”. The Infinite Intelligence Superpowers of Consciousness, are Infinite Intelligence Commerce, Infinite Intelligence Aging, Infinite Intelligence Wellness, Infinite Intelligence Consciousness and Infinite Intelligence Immortality.

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Angelization – Activates the Infinite Intelligence superpowers of consciousness. It is for anyone who has had enough pain and wants to activate their ultimate gain. It will unlock and unleash Infinite Intelligence to overcome the present day limitations of consciousness.

Infinite Intelligence Superpowers of Consciousness are:

  1. Infinite Intelligence Consciousness – Allows the power behind the scenes of everything to be seen and understood,
  1. Infinite Intelligence Commerce- Turns $5/day into an 8-figure monetary legacy as an Angelization Coach,
  1. Infinite Intelligence Aging- Reverses anyone’s biological age,
  1. Infinite Intelligence Wellness- Re-establishes anyone’s optimum wellness,
  1. Infinite Intelligence Immortality- Transfigures final-lifers body, mind and soul into their immortal angel like state.
Angelization Coaching Career

Activating your client’s real-life Superpowers of Consciousness as an Angelization Coach is life’s highest calling and honor.

Angelization activates Infinite Intelligence into anyone’s life.

Infinite Intelligence’s Consciousness Superpowers will:

  1. Reveal the bliss perspective of everything 24/7.
  2. Turn $5/day into an 8-figure bank account.
    (Infinite Intelligence Commerce)
  3. Eliminate health problems over the phone.
    (Infinite Intelligence Wellness)
  4. Reverse biological aging and turn on everyone’s fountain of youth.
    (Infinite Intelligence Aging)
  5. Transfigure the body, mind, consciousness and soul into immortality.
    (Infinite Intelligence Immortality)


Angelization Coach training is a vital component of everyone’s Angelize Yourself Program.

Once certified, you will – earn while you learn – speaking and working with individuals, organizations and companies about the life-changing freedoms of Angelization and Infinite Intelligence’s Superpowers of Consciousness. You will transform lives by helping others unlock their freedoms and superpowers of agelessness, optimum wellness, monetary freedom, immortality and bliss to eliminate today’s prevailing energy of fear and negativity.

Angelize Yourself and activate your consciousness superpowers.

Transform Your Life & Change the World!

Listen to actual "Angelize Yourself" JC Gordon client sessions.

All recordings were completed by clients who emailed them to JC Gordon. They have not been changed or altered in any way.

Angelize Yourself Podcast - Episode 2
JC Gordon and Tera Mischelle
Overcoming life's Communication Breakdown

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Angelize Yourself Client Session
Angelic Laser Surgery
EGO removal

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Angelize Yourself Client Session
Angelic Laser Surgery
Reversing Breast Cancer

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Transforming you into the best you’re meant to be is why I was sent back from the dead.

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